Making Room for Education Outside the "classroom". Scenes of genius coming from inter-generational learning experiences

Good day to all. I want to start with sharing a quote: "Those who know they don't know, know." The school system of most colonial communities across the Americas, Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean Nations do not provide a full education. Our indigenous brothers from Hawaii, call it "educational malpractice". This is a term I began using also. Educational malepractice appropriately describes our collective grievance. Educational malpractice is a greater point of overstanding. The fact is most of this practice is/was (historically) done by males, Anglo-europeans. The social "service" systems that were created by colonizer governments were/are used to suppress culture and ancient lessons.

Who will rightfully promote the genius within our culture? There is genius that happens on on a daily basis in the poorest ghettos, rezervations, barrios and back waters of the world.  The crazy thing (if you wanna call it crazy) is that if they were to align us all up, we physically resemble eachother almost to a Tee. How is it that we can go any place in the world and see folks, communities, countries, that look just like your own personal family? It is because we are one human family. Those who are not of the human family, are not of the human kind, either. Kindness and kindred, kindread, kingdread, is our nature - without separation. 

Mainstream media is not much better at teaching us of the genius. Only incomplete stories are seen on their his-story channels.  The youth's teaching tool, the TV, is continuously in liar form. From the TV commercial to the news, we are not provided with truth. The English language is also heavily, negatively, coded and not uplifting, or intellectually superior as are indigenous languages.

As leaders, we may choose to learn only by visiting our relatives and listening to their heart felt words, seeing their positive works, examples. We take time to learn their language and shared concepts of inclusion, love and unity. This is true and an anchor of education. The anchor is as old as our ancestrees. Brother Vaughn Benjamin uses the word ancestrees. I have now included two new words into my language to provide on point definitions: No more malepractice and we listen to and are one with our ancestrees. Even our language must be re-defined, re-aligned, to better guide us. This is our anchor, our root. But as a boat, we must ship off. We are ancient watermen and waterwomban of the world's greatest seas.  We MUST pick up the broken pieces to re-fortify our natural state as gifted beings. A program's visit to Jamaica is not solely about reggae music, nor is Hawaii about surfing. Its about finding solid disciplined leadership during a crucial time. Its about small islands of people who have tapped their indigenous strength to share their art, knowledge with the world. The Youth and Elders of Hawaii and Jamaica which InterTribal Youth visit have taken their god given gifts seriously. They have rose without limits. There is no ceiling or wall that can stop them. When you are aligned with the creator, it is he/she that helps manifest the miracles. It is a ‪#‎newname‬, and like Jah 9 professed "it has no complexion".

A cultural movement is being lead by the youth that were mentored by Bob Marley and great teachers, live elders who go unnamed.  A decade or two later, these youth are now young adults, many rounding 20 somethings. In Jamaica, like Hawaii,  the leaders, artists, teachers, surfers, self-funding, independent label, media genius, strong yoga-doing, ital eating group. Definitely a refined group armed with their smartphones, lol. Many of our "elders", ageless, now watch on. They themselves healthy, ital, and proud.  We all have the same mission: to unite the human family in good. Music remains a way we teach. Stage and recordings bring the "class" to the masses. We overstand that there is room for truth in oral history. The drum beat, feet, and mind, is one with our heart beat. More to come. . . ‪#‎intertribalyouth‬ ‪#‎nativelikewater‬ ‪#‎jamaicasweet16‬ ‪#‎ancientfuture‬ #afrocholo