Let if flow! 
"It Takes a Tribe to Educate a Youth".

New Shirts and Hoodies coming soon for 2018 

We naturally share a wide sea of relatives. Purchase a T-shirt and join our family in the message: 2015/16 Back of Shirt Reads: IndigenNize Education; InterTribalYouth.org; California, Hawaii, Panama. FRONT: "Native LIke Water" Models: Tenay Banegas, Erin LaChappa Photo: Gina Tiger

We pray with water. We Go with the flow of a pure source. 


Awareness – Clean water.
Fundraising – Campaign
Presentations –  Community
Partners – Confirm
Volunteers – Social Media


Swim and Diving
Star Way-finding
Traditional Surfing
Water Warrior Training
Land Excursions
Traditional Fishing

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Sovereign Nations
Top Universities
National and State Parks
International HQ's
Native Food Forest
Sacred Sites