Yoga (Effulgence™)

Jerome Gross

Jerome Gross has been in private practice as a Hypnotherapist since 1995 and has been teaching yoga for seven years. As Founder / Director of the Effulgence Academy, Jerome teaches this specialized mind-body-wellness routine at fitness centers and holistic health centers as well as to individual clients since 2002. Mr. Gross also taught physical education for two years and currently develops programs for San Diego City School's Race and Human Relations and Health Integration Program.

Class Description:
This physically and spiritually enlightening yoga class promotes a mindset of health and self- empowerment. Participants learn how to effectively use the power of their mind through visualization, meditation, breathing techniques and creating personal mantras/affirmations. Students are presented with the tools and strategies to develop positive qualities and highest potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The session will end with a hike back up to campus. Jerome has studied and experienced native traditions, making it relative cultural needs and personal success.
The specific tools and strategies taught in the mini lessons will culminate into a routine that Jerome developed for the San Diego Public Schools and in private practice as a spiritual counselor and therapist, called the Process of EFFULGENCE™.

Wellness Clinic, Behavioral Health, Culture

Jodene Platero (Navajo)
PhD. Candidate Alliant International University's Marriage and Family Doctoral Program

Jodene teaches courses in our Wellness / Behavioral Health Clinic. She has been working with County Indian Reservations for the past ten years. Ms. Platero provides family and individual counseling for Elementary, Middle, and High School students in the East County schools through CrossRoads Family Center Organization.
In addition, Jodene is in the process of developing new models of treatment that are complementary to the American Indian communities.

Class Description:
Drugs, Alcohol, and Sex: Prevention of Negative Patterns in Indian Communities.
The class focuses on creating a Genogram with the aim of identifying and preventing negative patterns from manifesting in student future lives. Students collect detailed information on family origins and relatives going back three generations. If possible the information should include age of family members, divorces, marriages, any alcoholic or substance abuse, domestic violence, teen pregnancies, unemployment, diseases, causes of death, and other characteristics of family members which they feel are important to know. They will then be guided in illustrating the patterns in their family system and historical trauma which may have impacted each members life, especially their own. Finally students will come to conclusions on how to prevent the negative patterns from manifesting in their future lives.

Geneva Lofton-Fitzsimmons (IHC CA-NARCH Advisor)
Assistant Director American Indian Outreach UCSD-EAOP

Geneva Lofton-Fitzsimmons is a member of the La Jolla Band of Luiseno Indians and a graduate of San Diego State University. Based in the community, she broadens university-community relationships with Indian Education Centers, Tribal organizations and the 18 reservations throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties. Geneva also works for the Indian Health Council, Inc. and the California Native American Research Center for Health NARCH Grant, which allows her to document existing services and programs for minority students at SDSU, UCSD, and through AAIP (Associated American Indian Physicians).