Step One. Decide on your attendance: The decision to attend is indeed an honor to your community and our program. Participants must submit their registration as soon as possible. Every year this popular program's spaces fill quickly.

Each of our programs accepts a small group of no more than 25-30 students. It is important we confirm our participants' placement. We are available to assist you with questions and with groups of 3 or more. Contact us at:
Shared Registration Fee per participant: $1300 for the So Cal Program, July 14-July 25, (12 Days)
Shared Registration Fee Explained: The actual cost of the 2-week program is $2600 per participant. InterTribal Youth provides half scholarship match of $1,300 per each youth through ITY fundraising efforts.
ITY asks that each participant/organization provide the matching half of the cost through a “shared registration fee".

Thus, the “shared registration fee” for each participant is the remaining half of $2600 which is $1300 for the 2-week program, as cost to student, family, tribe/organization/sponsor.

Non-refundable deposit: 1st Payment, of $700 is to be submitted with registration form by May 1 (early registration); to make deposit on-line (click here)
2nd payment of $600 must be received before July 1, 2019.
(You may also choose to pay both payments at once with registration form)
Deposit guarantees reserved program spot. Spaces are limited to 25-30 students. First come basis for this program. Groups of 4 or more, please contact us directly. A confirmation packet with all details, waivers, and what to bring is mailed/ emailed when registration form and deposit are received.

Step Three. Raise the "shared cost” registration fee: Formal or informal requests to family members, community members, Tribal Councils, or business are the first place to start. If needed, ITY can supply a formal letter to assist you, briefly describing our program and point to the fact that this is a "shared cost" and the ITY program matches up to 50% of scholarship cost to attend.
We understand that fundraising may pose a challenge; however, it is an important exercise, skill, which will a) benefit youth throughout their educational career and b) inspire community investment, support of local young people. Families and educational programs accomplish raising the “shared registration fee” through direct support from their community organizations, fundraising, tribal support, TANF, and/or family contribution. If a youth or family has trouble meeting the “shared registration fee” or lack resources, InterTribal Youth will work together with the student, community and family to locate the “shared registration fee”.
If after making a sincere effort, you are struggling with this, please contact us ASAP. You have come a long way already; and we have faith that you can do anything. We want to help. Trips are TAX-DEDUCTABLE and can be written off as a gifted educational donation. Fed Tax ID: 33-0845610.

Step Four: Confirmation: A confirmation packet with details is mailed or emailed within 7 days of your registration form and deposit is received. If for some reason, you choose not to attend after making your final payment, you will be given travel credit (less the $700 non-refundable deposit) with ITY to be used within one year. There will be another opportunity for you. Transportation to/from San Diego is not included in the Program Fee.
ITY Staff provides pick up/drop off of students at San Diego Airport, Train, or Bus station.
During the programs, all food, lodging, materials, instruction, snacks, and events are included.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is Included in program? All lodging, meals, snacks, instructors, logistics, outfitting, in-tour transport, camping excursion and activity fees included. Primary stay is in nice University Dormitories on the coastal campus of UC San Diego. Not Included: *Transportation to and from UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA is not included in the program fee

What is the purpose of this program? Academic Enrichment, Wellness, Arts & Culture, Tribal Interchange, Life Skills and Leadership.

Eligibility and who can attend? Program is designed for Native American youth ages 12-18. We accept youth from all educational backgrounds, regardless of their GPA. Our academic focus is based on a holistic approach. This approach allows youth to easily tap their potential. Historically, each of our youth go on to make a positive contribution to their community and world. Youth primarily come from California, with Native youth also joining us from Arizona, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and other parts of the nation. We limit our group to 25 youth. This enables the program to provide personal attention and a great mentor/teacher - student ratio. Proof of federal or state tribal enrollment is not required.

Where do participants sleep and what are the arrangements? Accommodations will always be clean, comfortable moderately upscale university dorms with 2 nights camping at La Jolla Campground.  In dorms and tents, males and females participants are always separated and chaperoned/supervised 24/7. There are 1.5 staff members to every 4 students.

Leads, Chaperones? Program Director Marc Chavez and experienced adult female lead summer program coordinator will maintain logistics and supervise students along with 5 trained adult professional and student advisors/mentors hired based on experience working with teens. Most ITY staff are returning from the year before. Background checks required.

Airport/Bus pick-up? ITY staff provides courtesy airport, bus, and train station pick-up/drop off.

Keeping in touch with participant, homesickness? In your confirmation packet, ITY will supply direct cell phone numbers to reach ITY staff in case of an emergency. During our two-night camping trip, service is patchy. Participants will be allowed to make phone calls on 4 separate nights during the program to call family and be made at the decision of the participant. Homesickness: We have 16 years providing comfort and mentor ship while youth are away from families. We have been 100% successful rate in providing a great experience for youth and family, especially during "the first time away from home" experience. We also post pictures and videos to our Native Like Water social media sites. Families can follow their youth's experience. Youth cell phones will be restricted to certain times (TBD) and will not be allowed during instruction times.

Why is there a cost and how is it different from other programs? Consider comparing the cost of a normal 3-day youth conference registration, or cultural music festival. Consider registration fee, hotel, food, and personal one on one mentorship. One can see the obvious value, and decency of the “shared registration fee”. ITY program is not funded through government grants. ITY enrichment is a unique program, maintaining sovereignty over its curriculum and design, providing the services most crucial to Native youth population. ITY is acclaimed as one of the only programs of its kind serving inter-tribal youth with attention to detail, second to none.

Each ITY summer program services 25 youth at a time, allowing each participant to receive personal attention and keep the teacher/mentor student ratio ideal for a learning experience. InterTribal Youth assures that each youth receives a world-class education and exposure to the best resources imaginable. Programs include 1st class accommodations, great food, nutrition, and access to the top ranked universities in the world. Daily curriculum focus is on wellness, culture, writing, storytelling, performance art, and indigenous earth and biological sciences. Our mentors and teachers are accomplished individuals and include young PhD doctoral candidates and guest lecturers known nationally and internationally for their work. With access to this experience, we guarantee an experience of a lifetime.

Are there additional costs? After the registration fee (explained above), there will be no additional costs.  Included in the registration fee are all lodging, meals, instructors, logistics, outfitting, tours, program t-shirts, bag, class materials, and activity fees. Spending money will only be needed for gifts, mementos, sharing, etc. There will be program “hoody” sweatshirts available for approximately $40. Transportation to/from San Diego is not included in the program fee.

Payment? On-line Credit Card Payments accepted.  Invoices needs contact us. ITY, Native Like Water, is a program of One World BRIDGE Non-Profit 501c3 and on-line payments will be available shortly.

Checks/Money Orders are made payable to:
One World BRIDGE - ITY
8 Elm Ave
Imperial Beach, CA 91932

Check Memo: San Diego 2019, Student Name

Accounting: J.L. Jackson 619-708-7858

Payment by CREDIT CARD Accepted on our Donations Page

For further questions email at: or call 858-314-8821. Voices messages are returned.
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InterTribal youth Barona and Sacramento youth. Song and fitness. Location:Blacks beach, La jolla, ca aka kumeyaay territory

InterTribal youth Barona and Sacramento youth. Song and fitness. Location:Blacks beach, La jolla, ca aka kumeyaay territory