Over the past 15 years of doing travel, education, and cultural youth programming, many adults became fascinated with the places InterTribal Youth/Native Like Water Enrichment Programs visit, the tours we take, and the work we do with youth. After receiving many requests from adults, for us to design something for them, we created "REVIVE Tours".  The historical base of our youth programs has always been inter-generational, community "style", fun learning experiences. The InterTribal Youth and Native Like Water Team are career travelers, beach lovers and community workers. The creation of REVIVE Tours caters to the sincere interests of adults who aspire for a healthy, diverse lifestyle. REVIVE Tours became an obvious transition, direction and path for our non-profit organization.

REVIVE are comfortable travel experiences specifically for adults and special charters for families, groups and professional team building.  Teaming with local communities, surf and water alliances, REVIVE Tours is designed for those looking to enrich their lifestyle and give back in a rewarding, long-lasting way. REVIVE allows unique opportunities to share in local community service projects. In addition, REVIVE Tours support community learning and scholarships for indigenous youth to participate in international travel, science, and environmental education.

As the south swell season heats up, world-class waves and secret reefs in Panama beckon our love for tropical adventure and authentic cultural experience. Far from ordinary, REVIVE invites you on an epic experience into the heart of native culture, where your soul-felt sense of purpose and compassion thrive in the service of local communities. We are confident that our service and travel stewards a better human relationship between mother earth and her children. 

Pacific Islands, A Wave Rich Bay, Sanctuary and Organic Farm
Cebaco Island Pacific, Montijo Bay, Veraguas, Panama

June 28-July 5th




Tour background and foreground:

Our tour leaders carry a 20+ year history working internationally throughout the "Americas", aka Turtle Island. In our 20 years of programs, Travel, Surfing, Wellness, Education and Leisure continues to be the influence. Participants are now allowed to take it a little bit further and afford a small moment of time to volunteer and give back to community - without sacrificing surf and leisure. True balance is the greatest contribution to self and the human family.  

Our destinations and relatives live and care-take miles of pristine tropical beach, streams, rivers, and waterfalls. Indigenous people still care for and are sovereign with the majority of mother earth's natural resources.  It is critical for everyone, regardless of race, religion or past, to help protect and respect the beautiful culture which remains. Unfortunately, current "eco-tourism" models do little for local indigenous economies and do not support Native-owned business. REVIVE Tours is a new model based on our integral relationship and support of local people.

REVIVE awakens the spirit of learning in community conversation and exposure to a side of surf travel we often take for granted. As a different sort of surf trip, we deepen into a conscientious awareness of the impact of tourism and development on places and people, exploring alternatives that honor nature, economics, and culture, while reflecting on and re-imagining our role as surfer and human travelers. The wealth of mother earth and her children will be counted by our heart-inspired interaction. We look forward to sharing with you in the water and on land this year.
All our relations,
Marc Chavez, Native Like Water Tour Director &  Tara Ruttenberg, Surf, Wellness, Leisure and Service Tour Leader

REVIVE: Surf, Leisure, Service & Culture:
June 28 - July 5, 2016
Panama, Central America (Pacific Coast)

Chill island VIBES abound and surround. Deepen into indigenous knowledge and local histories, explore the cosmo-vision and inclusion of the human family.  All participants are welcomed to share their unique gifts (however large or small), and skills with coastal villages we visit. Our experience of culture is not a spectator sport. We surf secret spots, walk peaceful beaches, and share the waters as we join in ways that honor indigenous people and provide heartfelt interpersonal exchange.

This surf-and-service learning adventure is for conscientious surf travelers AND "non-surfers", who know that in giving from the heart, we receive gifts of the soul, spirit. As real surfers and travelers, REVIVE is designed by folks that take care to introduce folks to quality places, waves, beaches, waterways, food and fun. Our leaders and established chefs are chosen for their intimate knowledge of surf, food, culture and wellness. We have established long-standing relations with communities we visit, boat captains, and hotel owners. Service projects we contribute to allow for all levels of contributions and sharing.

Drunken Master Mung Noodle Salad. Fresh and blessed. Sourcing Organic whenever possible. 

All levels of surfing experience welcome and no, you don't have to know how to surf to travel with us. There is a long list of cool things to do if you don't surf. We have always prided ourselves on the tasty gourmet meals, and local healthy food. We provide outstanding vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and seafood options.


Fresh Water REJUVENATION. Always time to give and play.. 

  • Daily surf at the best breaks. ( Or great water/land activity option for non-surfers:).
  • Rainforest / Jungle Waterfall hikes
  • Snorkeling and Island Exploration
  • A night Film Screening and Discussion
  • Daily Learning and Sharing Circles
  • Yoga with lead instructor options
  • Service Day with Give & Surf Non-Profit and Ngobe Community (Panama).
  • Cultural History Tours ofCommunities
  • Hands-on Permaculture and Agronomics
  • Skill Shares for Cross-Cultural Learning Beyond Borders

All-Inclusive program includes:

  • Delicious, healthy meals with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Seafood, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free Options Available.
  • 7-nights lodging in local, elegantly owned accommodations
  • Private Bus Charters, Boat Charters, land & water transport; tours run by local operators
  • Custom activities and service projects to support participant interests and local communities
  • Small group travel and attention to detail not to exceed 10-12 people.

All-inclusive rate: $1195      Contact Us for booking information

Who: REVIVE Surf, Leisure, Service & Culture is making special call out to: conscientious surfer/non-surfer travelers, EMTs/first responders, women surfers, educators, health practitioners, Envision Festival Costa Rica peeps and those interested in exploring a healthy or "new" lifestyle. Those interested in building long-lasting relationships and a ripple effect of good vibes and positive waves.

Where:  Panama, Central America. Airfare to Panama (PTY) is not included in the price and is booked by participant separetly.

What: Surfing, Snorkeling, Learning, Volunteering, Authentic Sharing, Cultural Education and Exchange. Involving local communities; participants aligned in compassion for humanity; hands-on giving; travel dollars supporting local businesses, non-profits and tour operators; dialogue on indigenous knowledge, cross-cultural interaction in surf tourism spaces, native cosmovisions. REVIVE meaningful indigenous practices/knowledge and conscientious forms of cross cultural exchange.

Partners: One World BRIDGE, Tarantula Surf,  One Love Panama.

Brief Description:  Just off the Pacific Coast of Panama is Cebaco Island, the third largest island of Panama.  On the island, a small water-side lodge and learning center hosts small groups of international tourists and can provide volunteer options. This site is of pre-Colombian importance and where InterTribal Youth promotes tropical cultivation which allows sustainable forests and food security. Together with local organization OneLovePanama.com, InterTribal Youth and Native Like Water work together. Roots of this program are based off of the three core ethics of permaculture.

• Care of the Earth—Provision for all life systems to thrive and multiply.
• Care of People—Provision for people to access those resources necessary to their existence.
• Fair Share –  This ethic focuses on co-operation, networking, and
contributing to community.

The  58 acre Farm is located on Cebaco Island just off the Pacific Coast of Panama. Dedicated to sustainable ways of living, environmental education center, botanical collection, permaculture farm and eco-lodge. Watch this Breathtaking video on Cebaco Island

Group hosts and leaders:

Host and Leader, Tara Ruttenberg sliding along in Central America.  

Host and Leader, Tara Ruttenberg sliding along in Central America.  

Tara Ruttenberg is a teacher and life-long student of sustainable Earth and human wellbeing, specializing in educational surf travel in Central America. A nomad-activist by nature, Tara's purpose-driven travels have taken her around the world, while finding home in Costa Rica for the past 10 years. Her PhD research focuses on alternatives to sustainable development, with an emphasis on decolonizing surf tourism. A writer by trade, Tara created Tarantula Surf -www.tarantulasurf.com- as a space for authentic story sharing and engaging with ideas and practices for a more beautiful world. 
As a group host, Tara's passion for indigenous knowledge and non-Western cosmovisions, combined with a critical perspective on cross-cultural interaction in surf tourism scenarios, helps travelers step into their authentic selves and open their hearts to new experiences by learning to see the world through different eyes.

Founder of InterTribal Youth and Native Like Water, Marc Chavez on the trail of Marcus Garvey and along the bike Path from Puerto Viejo to Punta Uva, Costa Rica. He began his ride on this same path on his first surf trip to Central America, nearly 20 years ago.

Founder of InterTribal Youth and Native Like Water, Marc Chavez on the trail of Marcus Garvey and along the bike Path from Puerto Viejo to Punta Uva, Costa Rica. He began his ride on this same path on his first surf trip to Central America, nearly 20 years ago.


Marc Chavez is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego and arrived in Costa Rica and Panama almost 20 years ago on his first surf volunteer vacation. Marc led overland cultural tours through North America, Mexico and Central America for years, before he became Founder and Directer of InterTribalYouth.org and Young Native Scholars. In this capacity, Marc has spent the last 16 years establishing partnerships with top universities, tribal organizations and communities from North America to Central America. Marc aims to provide world-class educational opportunities to youth and indigenize the educational experience. Marc coordinates curriculum, program vision, partner collaborations, international relations and fundraising.