Traditional Voyaging Canoe Hikianalia Welcome, San Diego, Oct. 30th - Nov. 5th 2018 InterTribal Youth and Greater San Diego Community welcom Hikianalia after she sailed more than 2,800 miles across the Pacific to the State of California carrying a message about the critical need to address climate change.

Hikianalia’s departure from San Diego back home to Hawaii, Bruddah Cliff Kapono sends her off with love. During this black friday, many shopped, others made herstory and history. #hikianalia

An ancient oral story exists and ties the relationship between California and Hawaii. We see this voyage as maintaining our long time relation and travel route of the “Rainbow Bridge”. 100’s of local tribal Native American Nations, Hawaiians residing in California, and general public came out to welcome Hikianalia and the crew.

Demonstrating the value of nature, the oceans and indigenous knowledge, the crew found their way to California on the solar and wind powered canoe using ancient Polynesian wayfinding techniques: following cues from nature (the sun, stars, waves and birds) without using GPS or other modern instruments. The canoe and crew made a final stop in San Diego before returning to Hawaiʻi in December of 2018.  

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