Health & Indigenous Science;
a culturally-relative curriculum

Prevention, Health and Wellness:

We explore health and biological sciences, native foods, ethno-botany and coastal traditions. Programming includes nutrition, exercise, and cultural-based practice. Wellness is addressed through daily Mind-Body-Spirit Yoga class and “Gentle-Warrior” Self Defense instruction.
Youth led presentations are planned for a community lecture series. Youth self-empowerment takes on the attributes of water.

Goals for Health Curriculum:

  • Provide a physical healthy learning environment in tune to students' educational needs.
  • Provide access to the University setting and function; allow valuable insight in developing goals and dreams.
  • Introduce alternatives for better health and nutrition as a priority: assist in choices for physical activity, obesity and common disease prevention.
  • Provide a prevention clinic and exploration into sustainable organic life-styles, cultural diets, stimulating concern and consciousness for physical maintenance.
  • Increase self-esteem and self-worth and provide a toolbox for self-maintenance.
  • Exposure to various health professions and opportunities in medical science/integrated health that will offer career solutions towards assisting own communities.
  • Develop Retention programming, linking a network of pre-college, college, graduates, staff and professional mentors.
  • Provide holistic learning experience in the development of culture, health and education advocates.
  • Success in reaching youth is evident in lessons and values shared with a wider network as leaders once they leave the program.
  • Provide a Cultural Reference Point for self and each other. Establish a base of understanding Native Culture(s) within American society.

Indigenous Science

Scientific expertise empowering indigenous culture, traditions, and knowledge:

Goals for Science curriculum are:

  • Provide our young scholars with access to the best science universities and outreach available.
  • Provide Native American communities access to university collected research expertise.
  • Build the recruitment and retention pipelines for American Indian, Hawaiian and Alaskan Native students.
  • Increase on-reservation expertise in the earth and environmental sciences.
  • Develop a better understanding of how to integrate culturally-held, indigenous, scientific science knowledge into the teaching of the sciences for American Indian communities nationwide*.
  • Students become well prepared for college science course work and more aware of the sciences as an exciting career option.
  • Maintain Tribal Environmental Internships with local Tribal EPA’s. Project-supported real work experience in tribal environmental management offices on home reservations, communities, of participating students.
  • Locate and work with Indigenous professionals and mentors working as scientists in the community and the private sector
  • Support InterTribal Youth leadership campaign “Native Like Water”, raising awareness of our indigenous historic relation to water, conservation.
  • Explore the work and sacredness of Dr. Masaru Emoto.