Volunteerism is an essential spirit in giving and to our Native Like Water programs and campaign.  Even a small commitment can go a long way.  Our collective effort, like water droplets, all combine, flow and contributes to a life-changing program for both youth and adults. 

Step 1: Choose a Volunteer Option From Below:

A. Social Networking: We are all connected, however, many of us just don’t know it yet. Sharing our postings on Facebook, social media, and list-serves. Introducing our Native Like Water Programs to friends, news media outlets or websites greatly helps. It also saves gas, trees, printing, energy.

B. Spheres of Influence, attracting donation: You are inspired by our work, and you believe a simple phone call, email or conversation can widen our support base. There are many busy folks that would be thankful for being in the know about our program. Perhaps their time is short, but their heart is full. Providing a service, referral, donation or good valued connection goes a long way and waters a growing community.

C. Hook ups: Our program can always use quality product support. Gift Cards, New Clothes Sponsors, Organic Food, Equipment, and even Pizzas are great items that benefit our youth. Obtaining these in-kind sponsorships is simple and often just requires a simple company contact and we provide you a letter on our behalf.  Most of the time, only a follow through is needed to confirm product support.  Hook up the youth, expose quality products to a growing community.

D. Open Volunteer Proposals: You have a unique talent and we would like to know, share. Professionals, teachers, artists, community collaborators:  We are all looking to Grow, Learn, and Connect. You are a catalyst of change and you’re innovation is appreciated. Bring it on! This is for you. We want to hear from you and your ideas!

E. Summer Residential Student Mentors:  Our post popular and sought after volunteer job experience. These are Multi-Day Commitments, usually a week or more. Mentoring High School Youth in Academic Residential Enrichment Program held during the month of July at the University of California, San Diego. Mentors benefit from the same great education and training as the youth. Must usually be 21 or older, with at least 2 Years of college and background check is required.  For our July Summer Program, we hire and screen Volunteer Mentors from March through May. Contact us for full Volunteer Job Description and details. 
For many college-age and adult folks, Volunteering during Summer Residential Programs in the beginning of a great long-lasting relationship and travel opportunities.