Who can come to this? The Native Like Water Panama Educational Exchange 2019 is designed for folks with sincere interest in intellectual, cultural exchange that is enjoyable. It is designed for all ages and any educational level. No one - regardless of age or education feels out of place. This program is a comforting, inter-generational learning experience.   

What Steps should I take to come?

Step 1: Get Passport. It’s Easy.
Begin your passport application at your local post office, you will need certified birth certificate, two pictures, and your appointment at the U.S. Post Office, passport services office or on-line. Service time for processing passports can range from “regular” 4-6 weeks OR “Expedited” 2-3 weeks or 5 business days. Please see full instructions and how to apply on-line visit: http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/passports/new.html

Step 2: Early Registration Cost, Confirmation
Program Cost per person is $975.00. International flight is separate. Registration still open!  1st payment deposit of $500 per person will be required. This will guarantee your space in program and be non-refundable. The remaining payment of $475 per person will be made by or before  August 1st, 2019. You do have the option of paying with one payment now or earlier if you choose. If you need to fundraise, please make a goal and request a support letter from InterTribal Youth.
OPTION: Add on Extended Stay, see below.

To request a Registration Form for this Program: please contact us and one will be emailed to you.
Please specify if you are a group of 3 or more. 

Panama Payment Donation

Payments?: Credit Card Option button or Check or Money Order Made to:
One World BRIDGE (non-profit 501c3)
8 Elm Ave.
Imperial Beach, CA 91932
Memo: Participate Name (s) Panama 19
Tax ID or Accounting info: 619-708-7858

Step 3: Shop your Flight Not included in the Native Like Water program registration is your international flight to Panama, PTY-Tocumen Airport. Please shop early, ASAP, for your flights. Be mindful that this is during summer and finding a ticket early is recommended. Depending on airport and when you book, tickets average $300-$700 Roundtrip. Airport pick-up/ and drop off is provided by Native Like Water . Flight should be booked Arrival August 4th and Departure August 11.
ITY is responsible for the program dates August 4-11.  Any Early arrivals or late departures will be under responsibility of the participant and can be arranged and we can be notified.   

Step 4: Travel Confirmation Letter Participant will be notified once 1st payment is received with registration. Participant will receive travel voucher, liability waivers and a list of what to bring by or before August 1st with receipt of your payment. You may choose to pay with one Payment as well now or by August 1st.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

What is included in the Program Cost of $975? Includes Lodging, Daily Meals, Private Transportation to all locations named, Personalized Tours and Admissions, logistics, individual pick-up/drop at airport, inter-tribal community teaching. 

Not included in cost: International Flight (average cost $300-$700 round-trip) to Panama (PTY- Tocumen), beverages with alcohol, 1 closing dinner, gratuities, extra tours not listed on itinerary.  

Ilima Lei-macfarlane (Hawaiian) and Hawk Jerome (kumeyaay/Chippewa at dule Festival celebrating the indigenous cultures of Guna Yala Panama. Top Page Banner Foto: Ilima Lei-Macfarlane

Ilima Lei-macfarlane (Hawaiian) and Hawk Jerome (kumeyaay/Chippewa at dule Festival celebrating the indigenous cultures of Guna Yala Panama. Top Page Banner Foto: Ilima Lei-Macfarlane

What is the purpose of this trip?  We take a close look into local environments, Panamanian Arts, Culture, Sovereignty and Sustainability of the indigenous people and region. Special attention will be given to ecological sustainability, science and cultural exchange.

Is there physical difficulty in the activities? The experience and adventure is casual and physical demand is very mild. Participant always retains the decision on how and when to participate in activities, according to their comfort level. One should have an affinity with outdoor activity.

What is the weather like? Temperature and climate is primarily tropical and mild in the mountains. Temps range from 60 degrees to 95 degrees. There will be sun and rain and mild humidity. Nothing unbearable.

Are there Scholarships Available? ITY does not have current scholarships for the Panama program. However, sponsors are available and the process must be initiated by the participant. Participant must first locate potential sponsor. ITY will assist participant with this process once participant has named potential sponsor with contact information. ITY will follow through and provide supporting necessary information. This is a method that has proved successful by past ITY International Travel program participants. Please place confidence in yourself and your dreams.

Chaperones? Group Leader? ITY Director, Marc Chavez, and at least 2 other female/male teacher leaders (TBA) will maintain logistics and lead the exchange experience along with local cultural specialists, professors, and tour guides. We will follow the educational guide and safety cues of local professionals during visits and travel.

Keeping in touch with participant? We will supply direct cell phone numbers to reach ITY staff for emergency, with the exception when in areas of limited cell access. Participants will be allowed to make phone calls on 3-4 separate nights to call family at the decision of the participant. There will be access to WiFi Internet during at least 50% of the time while in Panama. Enough leisure time will be provided to stay connected to friends and family via WiFi. 

Where do participants sleep and what are the arrangements? Accommodations will always be clean, comfortable and range from modest to rustically majestic. Male and female participants, unless traveling as a family or significant other will be separated and chaperoned. There are 1 adult staff members to every 5 participants. Like all our programs, we are respectful to the wishes of all families and preferences. Please contact us if you have further questions or concerns.

Panama is one of the safest countries in Latin America. Like on all U.S. reservations, urban areas, and localized areas that Native Like Water visits, we are guided by locals with our group safety as main priority.  We respect local law of the land and provide safety orientations on the first day of the tour. Native Like Water Tour leaders and ITY Staff have worked safely with youth and adults in North America and Latin America/Caribbean for over 10 years.

Refunds? What if I cancel before the Trip and I already paid my first payment?
If an unseen circumstance arises and participant is unable to travel on August 4, participant’s first payment cannot be refunded. However, second payment can be refunded if given NLW notice prior to August 5.  No refunds can be provided if we are notified after.
Note: Participant international flight refund of ticket (booked separately) will be good for 1 year upon contacting the airline for canceling. You must contact the airline directly and immediately if this occurs. Airline, may incur a fee to change your ticket, but you will not loose airline ticket. Usually, you may use it up to one year and may be used for ITY’s following program.

Refunds, after second payment?
If participant is unable to travel after you have made your second payment , 50% of your payment will be refunded. Native Like Water will need to be contacted 4 days prior to August 1st to ensure this. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund payments after this date, due to reservation commitments made on participant’s behalf in Panama.

Panama Payment Donation
At Embera Nation with April and Tatiana Representing the Dine, Navajo, acjachemen and polynesian peoples #cultureexchange

At Embera Nation with April and Tatiana Representing the Dine, Navajo, acjachemen and polynesian peoples #cultureexchange