Nahko Scholarship Donors and Medicine Tribe:

8 of the 11 2018 Scholarship recipients. From top left to bottom, Melissa, Manaia, Beatrice, Darylin, Ras, Tri, Tuvish, Anthony. All attended the San Diego Summer Enrichment Program

Before we meet our Scholarship Recipients below, I wanted to share a quick note. This is a proud moment for all of us! After all our hard work and livication, we are seeing a great flow. As Director and Founder of InterTribal Youth, this is why I continue to do what I do and stay inspired after all these years. It is the spiritual support that comes in monetary and in-kind service.  I was the first to put over 70% of my professional time as a volunteer.  Much of our program staff and renowned professionals joined me in this form of giving.

This has lead to an even stronger, highly qualified staff, and wider support group, giving from deep within hearts and souls, spirit. There is a new paradigm of exchange, a new currency that is taking us a lot further. All this great giving energy allows the monetary donations to go that much further - stretch - exponentially.

All currents, rivers, lead to an even larger, greater body of water.  As our human make-up is mostly water, we are more like tiny water droplets than we are of skin color, bones or even blood. We are water. #Waterislife Our drops, joined together, become a strong flowing current to a greater unified body of water. A power that reflects the sky, the heavens. A natural reflection of clarity and abundance. We were made in his/her image, in the likeness of the heavenly Creator - #NativeLikeWater

Watch Video: Nahko Medicine Tribe Scholarship Awardee 2018, Hema Age 13 who attends the Halū Kū Māna School, on Oahu. Hema shares a sniped of his experience as a Nahko Medicine Tribe Scholar traveling from Hawaii to Panama at age 13. #ItTakesaTribe #IntertribalYouth #NahkoScholar

Nahko and the Medicine Tribe has joined in to make youth dreams into reality! I want to thank the Fans, The "Medicine Tribe", Nahko's awesome support, Man-nonage-ment Team :), and for all of the expertise, creativity, and steadfast prayers. A unified beat of the drum - a unified heartbeat and uni-verse, one song. One mother earth and her giving children.

Marc Chavez
Founder/Director of InterTribal Youth and "Native Like Water"


2018 Nahko Medicine Tribe Scholarship Awardees

2018 awardees hailed from California Indian Reservations, urban areas, and Hawaiian Islands. At all events, functions and national gatherings, all witnessed youth represent their culture and family with upright dignity and grace. Either in crowds of people, on stage, or in intimate groups, they successfully engaged in various settings. Your donation has allowed youth to take advantage of these opportunities and succeed in daily curriculum focused on wellness, culture, writing, storytelling, performance art, and indigenous earth and biological sciences. At a pre-adult age, awardees asserted their roles as cultural ambassadors and peer educators.

Watch Video 2018 Nahko Medicine Tribe Scholarship Awardee Hema Age 13 who attends the Halū Kū Māna School, on Oahu. Hema shares a sniped of his experience traveling from Hawaii to Panama. #ItTakesaTribe #IntertribalYouth #NahkoScholar

Watch Video 2018 summer was exceptional. Youth gather from various tribes from throughout California, Hawaii, and Panama.

2017 Awardees

#Olukai footwear welcomes our Scholar Puna with some new footwear for his first steps pon the mainland. Puna is #anywherealoha

#Olukai footwear welcomes our Scholar Puna with some new footwear for his first steps pon the mainland. Puna is #anywherealoha

Puna Watson, Male, 12,  Hālau Kū Māna Native Hawaiian Charter School, Native Hawaiian (Oahu)
Puna is a heartfelt and outgoing young man, a hands on learner, and an avid reader. He is a natural performer, lover of music and dance, and a storyteller at heart. Puna is often described as a youth who is beyond his years in wisdom. Puna attends a cultural immersion school which is re-defining a new standard, example, of Indigenous Education. Puna also participates in the Nā Kama Kai Alakaʻi Mentorship Program, promoting safety, community service and ocean culture of the Polynesian islands. He loves paddling, Hula and Jiu-Jitsu.

Update 9/1/17: Not enough can be said of Puna. This young man has all the stories and all the charisma to lead an audience, nation. Puna was an honored standout in ITY 207 San Diego Summer Program.

Tristin Pena, Female, 15, Warner High School, Santa Ysabel Band of Ipai-Kumeyaay Nation (San Diego)
Tristin credits her mother, being a single parent, for teaching her and siblings the meaning of respect not only for Indian people, but all people in general. Tristen holds  important the old ways of custom and traditions passed down through generations from her ancestors. She currently serves as The 2016-17 Miss Kumeyaay Nation Princess, representing the original peoples of San Diego and Baja California. In addition to high school, Tristen attends Kumeyaay Community College. Miss Kumeyaay will be representing her Nation this summer in the 2017 World Youth Congress held on Oahu, Hawaii. Tristin, along with over 150 youth from around the world, will work on solutions, Indigenous Science, and proactive ways to care for mother earth. 

Update 9/1/17: With the assistance and co-giving of the #KumeyaaySisters, Tristen represented well and impressed all in Hawaii's ITY Exchange and Presentation 

Krystal Escalante, 16, Anahuacalmecac Semillas International World IB High School, Wixarika/Huichol/Mexicana (East L.A.)
Krystal is an outspoken student leader and traditional Aztec danzante for her school. Krystal has dedicated countless hours to helping others in her school succeed and achieve both within academic and in extracurricular settings. Krystal recently completed the Indigenous Peoples Rise March on Washington, and as a selected delegate to the National UNITY Conference in Palm Springs. Despite personal hardships and family tragedies, Krystal rarely seems dejected or bothered by the challenges she encounters daily. Krystal’s family and student experiences raised across borders in the urban core of the City of Los Angeles contribute to her unique perspective as an indigenous young woman.

Hail'a is a life lover, a natural biologist and young indigenous Scientist.

Hail'a is a life lover, a natural biologist and young indigenous Scientist.

Hali’a Locke-Nacimento, Native Hawaiian, Kealakekua, Hawaii (Big Island of Hawaii)
Entering into her Junior Year at West Hawaii Explorations Academy, Hali’a has a very mature outlook on life and is determined to experience all that life has to offer. Her inquisitive spirit guides her to seek knowledge. With the guidance of her mother, she has grown to be a very independent young woman who demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility and perseverance. Hali’a’s achievements in her academics, reflects her hard work ethic demonstrated in helping her mom. A young Native Hawaiian who is proud of her values and traditions.

Update: In addition to the Nahko Scholarship, Hali’a worked to raise her airfare and ranked the top of her 2017 San Diego ITY Summer Program Class. #DaKingdom #Queendom

Hawk with his buddy Tony the Tucan in Embera Quera community of Panama, Central America

Hawk with his buddy Tony the Tucan in Embera Quera community of Panama, Central America

Hawk Jerome, San Pasqual-Kumeyaay / Turtle Mountain Chippewa (Ojibwa) and resides in Golden Colorado. At age 14/15, Hawk is a respectful smart young man with much to offer the world. He is very driven, organized and hardworking. Hawk has always been a kid who see’s the world from a different point of view, he is friendly to everyone he meets and takes time to befriend those who are not part of the “in crowd”. He has endured intense bullying in his short life and has used his personal experience to educate others about Native People and his tribes. Hawk is a champion Powwow Dancer and performer. Hawk has had to choose to let friends go because of poor choice making and has chosen to live life drug and alcohol free. 2017 marks his first year making the sacrifice to Sundance in our traditional way.

Update 9/1/17: Using the Nahko Scholarship to attend the 2017 ITY Panama Program, Hawk performed for Panama reservations, Forest Communities, and on the big stage during the Dule Festival 2017, Panama’s International Indigenous Festival. Hawk was also chosen to Dance/Walk out #BellatorMMA World Champion Ilima Lei-Macfarlane during her title fight. This demonstrated to the world unity amongst the Hawaiian and Native American nations and support for our youth. 

Zion sharing Nahuatl (Mexico) Songs with the community of Embera Quera in panama Intertribal youth cultural exchange

Zion sharing Nahuatl (Mexico) Songs with the community of Embera Quera in panama Intertribal youth cultural exchange

Zion Rodriguez Aceves, Semillas, Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory School.At age 15, Zion is a natural leader whose peers gravitate towards him and his interests. Zion is mindful of his role as an older brother, as a son and student leader.  As a leader of the Anahuacalmecac Student Council, Zion's ability to be self-reflective and then change his behavior to become more respectful of his co-chair's role in leadership. Zion's creativity and willingness to speak up when others may stand back has engaged him in public actions in defense of the rights of Indigenous Peoples from Los Angeles City Hall to the steps of the White House as a part of an international movement to defend Standing Rock and the rights of water.

Zion received the Nahko Scholarship to attend InterTribal Youth’s 2017 Panama International Exchange.

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Proposed Scholarship Guidelines for 2018: 
Recipients meets at least 4 of following guidelines and criteria: 

  1. Youth ages 12-18

  2. do not have support from Reservations, Rancherias or Agencies

  3. May or may not be from a state or gov't recognized tribe

  4. adopted and/or separated from their culture

  5. tribal descendants, lineage or who are not on roles and do not receive recognition due to blood-quantum

  6. Youth who live in urban areas, dis-connected from tribe and funding support resources. This may include, but not limited to Urban Youth, Native Hawaiians, Xicano/a, South American Indigenous or Caribbean Youth.

  7. Inaugural 2017 Scholarship Recipient were chosen from the Geographical Areas of: Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Colorado and the Hawaiian Islands. As scholarship grows, so will our service areas. Geographical area will grow in the near future and we began with Nahko's home areas.

  8. Further Requirements to be Submitted by candidate:

  9. InterTribal Youth / Native Like Water registration form,

  10. One letter of recommendation from teacher, parent, leader or relative.

  11. Writing Sample. Sample will not be judged for grammar or punctuation use, but praised for content and originality.
    Candidates Submit ONLY 1 of the following:
    200 Word Essay on topic of choice OR
    One Page, Original Poem or Lyrics to a Song OR
    A 2 Minute Video Selfie Artistic Performance of choice

More info on the Nahko Scholarship and Requirements (click)