Hokulea Homecoming Celebration. Hokulea returns to her homeport as young and old let their minds run free, inspired by the unlimited possibilities. 

Hokulea Homecoming Celebration. Hokulea returns to her homeport as young and old let their minds run free, inspired by the unlimited possibilities. 

Our 2018 program to the Big Island was postponed due to the concerns and overactivity of Kilauea. There is a great cultural and educational significance to this natural occurrence. Learn more, click here . . . 

It is easy to educate and make learning connections when cultures share a universal knowledge and overstanding. This can be revealed through native communities worldwide via traditional ecological knowledge - based upon generational observation and interpretation of environmental phenomena. Knowledge can be shared, seen and felt in story, science and music.  However, these vital lessons are rarely evident in contemporary mass education.

The monumental event and completion of the Hokulea World Wide Voyage reinforced, globally, the importance and practice of Malama Honua education, leadership, and traditional ways of being and solving.  Native Like Water and ITY has benefited from the lessons of Hokulea and the inspiration from the great Ohana of Hokulea.    

“Teach to the spirit not to the test” 
In the face of colonial educational malepractice, a holistic approach to education has emerged, resurfaced. Communities of Hawaii are leading the way in indigenous based education. Over the past 7 years, research proves increased proficiency by students in science, mathematics, history, fine art, and geography, to name a few, when core subjects are applied with indigenous ways of being, knowing.  It can happen as separate subjects, or better, as an holistic approach. The holistic approach aims to "indigenize education".  Ilima Choy, NLW Curriculum Specialist, describes it as "teaching to the spirit, not to the test". Education can be stress free and flow, like water.  This is the current aim of this Native Like Water Big Island of Hawaii Program.

Pua and Nahko Unity and leadership  for Island earth 

Pua and Nahko Unity and leadership  for Island earth 

Join Native Like Water and various leaders, teachers, elders and youth, on the Big Island as we bring back experiential learning, tap all our senses, and feel the musical expression within our lessons.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Program Services: Over 20 youth from both Hawaii and California, plus 20 Hawaiian educators, cultural leaders, and community inter-generational exchanges. 

Documented Learning and sharing: In addition to visual reports and live social media feeds, the incorporation of a program workbook  specific to the learning journey will provide innovation, relevance and accountability during learning.  "Kilokilo" / Indigenous Science Field notes & Journal Entries are conducted daily so participants can gain a greater understanding of the environment and what they are experiencing. Included with Kilokilo obsrevations, sketch, word, sound and power will be noted and build to a final oral, written poetic or musical final presentation.

Music: Youth Composition workshops, presentations, mentorship in music and video production. Youth presentations Backed by Music Ohana where applicable. 

Agenda and Locations: 
Milolii, Kilauea National Parks, Mauna Kea and Kona Historical Sites

June 18:  Arrival and Check into Miloli'i House
Arrive at the Miloli'i house, (1 and 1/2 hour from Kona airport) Ideal to get on the Alaska Direct Flight!
Debriefing, relaxing, and recovering. 
Evening Ohana Welcome Dinner

June 19:  Pa'a Pono o Miloli'I, Hawaiian Fishing Traditions.
Sunrise Hiʻuwai (cleansing) Ceremony
Pa'a Pono o Miloli'i works hard to maintain fishing traditions and village knowledge.  Miloli'i is the last fishing village in the state of Hawai'i.  Activities include:

uncle craig.jpg
  • paddling out to the ko'a, and fishing. 
  • Tides and currents
  •  Fish anatomy, habitat, and habits (Feeding the fish, artificial reef)
  • Kilokilo: Introduction to observations- star, solar, lunar, ocean, weather
  • Canoe Paddle
  • Water Testing
    * All Events dependent upon what is happening environmentally and weather conditions.


June 20:  Miloli'i to Kea'au
Travel around South Point, where the wa'a (traditional voyaging canoe) left Hawai'i for Aotearoa before voyages ceased to the South Pacific. 
Hilo Town to visit FRESH WATER WATERFALLS, and stop in Na'alehu for a brief lunch. Hilo town is where the historic April Fools Tsunami and Hilo Massacre (labor dispute) happen between dock workers and police. We can visit Lyman Museum or Imiloa Planetarium. 

Ohana MUSIC and Composition Introduction session

vocano eruption.jpg

June 21:  Sunrise Hike to Lava Flow, Tour Kilauea Volcano and National Parks
Hike into Kaimu area before dawn to view the lava flow into the ocean at sunrise. Tour of Hawai'i Volcano National Parks.  Early morning hike or enter the hike from Kalapana instead of Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park.  Non-participants can be retrieved to enter into the park for the tour of the volcano.

  • Geology of volcanic islands
  • Pele, Hiiaka, Hopoe, and Kalapana

Dinner at the Kea'au house. Hawaiian Banquet Stylee
*Ohana Music Education Option

June 22:  Kea'au to Kona, Morning Sunrise at Mauna Kea and Hike to Lake Waiau
Visit to Mauna a Wakea to sunrise CEREMEONY from the top of Mauna a Wakea (PARKING AREA).  We will also hike (1-2 HOUR RT) into Lake Waiau.  In honor of SUMMER SOLSTICE/, WORLD PRAYER DAY and Hokulea Malama Honua Voyage Completion

  • Aunty Pua Case joins us on this visit. Talk story about the history and current works with Mauna.
  • Mauna A Wakea
  • Aquifer systems
  • Stories and importance of Mauna a Wakea
  • Astronomy and ocean traditions


c.) HOKULEA Malama Honua World Wide Voyage Completion ANNIVERSARY:
Invite list to include: Mana Maoli Artists (TBD)
Casual Evening Dinner at the Kona house.

June 23:  Kealakekua Bay MARINE RESERVE and Pu'uhonua o Honaunau History Day
Presented by Olukai and Polynesian Voyaging Society (to be confirmed)

Hawai'i’s history from time of Capt. Cook’s arrival to the time that Kamehameha II ended the Kapu System.
Sea Activity: Kayaks/Canoes supplied to enjoy the calmness of Kealakekua Bay.  Snorkeling and swimming. Uncle Tava, Nainoa and/or PVS led experience.

dont forget the reef-safe sunblock and when at the beach we always practice K.A.I. : K.now your limits, A.sk a lifeguard and I.dentify hazards 

dont forget the reef-safe sunblock and when at the beach we always practice K.A.I. : K.now your limits, A.sk a lifeguard and I.dentify hazards 

  • Uncle Tava Taupu talks about Pu'uhonua o Honaunau and its significance.
  • Nainoa down at KS lands in Ke’ei, visit. Presentation in collaboration with Polynesian Voyaging Society and Hokulea’s World Wide Voyage experience.

Music/Composition: evening youth workshop and composition presentations, break outs. Ukele and Olukai Giveaways for stand out performance/composition presentation (Sponsor TBD).

June 24: KONA Beach Day!!!!!! 
Day at one of the beautiful beaches along the Kona Coast. Pending weather, a visit to Kona’s famous anchialine ponds and experience the freshwater springs along the shoreline.  

  • History of the rise of Kamehameha and great shifts due to foreign influences
  • Kona Field Systems and agriculture. Organics

Hawaiian Social Banquet Stylee Closing by Hosted and Presented by Invited sponsors Olukai, Nahko, Mana Maoli Ohana, Jack Johnson Foundation, Outer Known (to be confirmed)

Music: Pending Mana Maoli Ohana Participation Youth Composition Presentations and Ukele and Olukai Giveaways for stand out performance/composition presentation ( Sponsor TBD). Youth presentations Backed by Music Ohana.

June 25:  Free Time and Return Home
Breakfast will be at the Kona House.  Snacks and lunch can be packed, or lunch can be done in town. Check out before noon.

Hawai'ian based Mālama Honua Participants (already confirmed):

  • Pa'a Pono o Miloli'i:  Ka'imi Kaupiko and the community of Milolii
  • Plus 7 Haumana (students), and the ʻohana of Miloliʻi.  Makua (adults) and Kupuna (elders) as well as young children.
  • Tava Taupu:  Former voyager on Hokule'a
  • Nainoa Place/ Representative down at KS lands in Ke’ei (to confirm)
  • Pua Case:  Advocate for Mauna a Wakea
  • Ho'ala Kilo:  10 students from Ke Kula o Ehunuikaimalino's Ho'ala Kilo program service learning component of the Ho'ala Kilo program. 
  • Ho'ala Kilo is aculturally responsive STEM program.
  • Hali'a 2017 “InterTribal Youth - Nahko Scholarship” Recipient Program Assistant Chief Intern
  • Indigneous Science, Malama Honua, Curriculum led by Pai Ike, Kumo Ilima Choy, Kona, HI
  • California InterTribal Youth Exchange: 10 Youth and select educators from traditionally coastal Southern California Tribes, educational research, and Malama Honua practice to take home to their own communities.  
Hokulea's crossing of the Panama Canal, from atlantic to Pacific ocean on their way home. 

Hokulea's crossing of the Panama Canal, from atlantic to Pacific ocean on their way home. 

Invited Sponsnors and Collaborators (to be confirmed)

Olukai Footwear: (TBA ideas, Hosting welcome and closing activity)
Polynesian Voyaging Society: Mentorship and Voyage Introduction
Na Kama Kai: Mentorship and water recreation
Ama Olukai Foundation: Hosting Malama Honua Curriculum and Residential Support
More to be Announced

Music and Composition Component: Host Pending by Mana Maoli Ohana, also invites sent to others