The Nahko, "Medicine Tribe" Inspired Scholarship

It all started when...  . . . in 2012, the 12 year-old son of InterTribal Youth Founder brought home a Nahko and Medicine for the People autographed CD.  Dad recalls that his son had never purchased a CD nor brought music home like this before. Son was so excited about the "diversity and message in the music". On the ride to school every morning Dad and Son would pop it into the CD player and listen together. Nahko's music not only inspired his son, but also became a motivational soundtrack for InterTribal Youth.

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In 2016, Haro Bikes, Paul Cannon and Nahko donated brand new BMX bikes to  InterTRibal youth based on both need and merit. Nahko and InterTribal Youth decided to continue the spirit of giving with a Fan BAsed Medicine Tribe Scholarship. 

The word, sound, and power of Nahko feeds the movement of InterTribal Youth and flow of #NativeLikeWater. Within Tribal Nations across the globe the vibration resonates.  As a young man, Nahko and the Medicine Tribe may be leading one of our largest public prayer circles for both young and old, poor and rich. 

Music has inspirational and educational power. In particular for those who come from a 'dissed-advantage' background, lack resources, and require a higher vibration of love and overstanding. Nahko's message is an example of an expression that helps young people visualize a leader-ship role for our one Mother Earth and one human family.

Together with Nahko Bear and the "Medicine Tribe" fan base, we are providing a higher 'indigenized' education for youth. 

Ahun and Mahalo Nui Loa to Nahko and the Medicine Tribe!

Nahko and the Medicine Tribe Fan Based Scholarship: 
"It Takes a Tribe to Educate a Youth":

Inspired by Nahko Bear's commitment as a musician, writer, and messenger he is leading a "Medicine Tribe" to think, be themselves, and pray together for one human family, united.  The scholarship is a call to the Medicine Tribe Fan Base, for #ItTakesATribe to educate a child.

Nahko with 2017 inaugural Scholarship recipient, Tristen Pena - Miss Kumeyaay Nation 2017. Represented ITY during the Hawaii-Hokulea World Voyage homecoming. Tristen scholarship was matched by #kumeyaaySisters

This  effort creates a model of how  a unified tribe provide youth educational enrichment opportunities not found on the streets nor in classrooms.

Raised Funds for the scholarship will used to provide Native American adolescent male and female youth (ages 12-18) with an opportunity to access world-class indigenous education enrichment summer programs. Outdoor science, culture, health, and leadership  enrichment is provided by InterTribal Youth,, and our extended family of educators and cultural leaders. 

Each $1300 Scholarship is matched by InterTribal Youth for equal value of $1300. A value of $2600 is the amount needed per youth to attend, quality, world-class 2-week enrichment programs.

Donate to Medicine Tribe Youth Scholarship

A Nahko Medicine Tribe Fan-Based Scholarship will provide 100% match of $1300 for each scholarship. Our initial goal was a $1300 fund drive for the first Nahko Scholarship. Our intention was to do better with our response and effort. Then repeat. We surpassed this Goal ! In total over $6,000 dollars was raised during the 2017 Spring/Summer campaign with the Medicine Tribe (public) matching funding for 6 youth. Each scholarship was matched by ITY Mosaic of Contributors (scroll to end fo this page) 

Meet the 2017 Nahko Scholarship recipients click here

flagship Southern California 2017 residential program. over 30 youth, and 30 professional mentors gather for quantum learning, leadership, culture, wellness and science,  indigenous higher education. #Indigenizeeducation

2018 Scholarship Applicants will open May 15, 2018.
Proposed Scholarship Guidelines:

Recipient will need to meet at least 4 of following guidelines and criteria: 

  1. Youth ages 12-18
  2. do not have support from Reservations, Rancherias or Agencies
  3. May or may not be from a state or gov't recognized tribe
  4. adopted and/or separated from their culture
  5. tribal descendants, lineage or who are not on roles and do not receive recognition due to blood-quantum
  6. Youth who live in urban areas, dis-connected from tribe and funding support resources. This may include, but not limited to Urban Youth, Native Hawaiians, Xicano/a, South American Indigenous or Caribbean Youth. 
  7. Inaugural 2017 Scholarship Recipient were chosen from the Geographical Areas of: Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Colorado and the Hawaiian Islands. Round Two, now, we have expanded the Geographical area to include all of California and Colorado. We began with Nahko's home areas and highest Medicine Tribe Support. Further expansion will be noted accordingly. 

Further Requirements to be Submitted by candidate:

  1. InterTribal Youth / Native Like Water registration form, 
  2. One letter of recommendation from teacher, parent, leader or relative.
  3. Writing Sample. Sample will not be judged for grammar or punctuation use, but praised for content and originality. 
    Candidates Submit ONLY 1 of the following:
  • 200 Word Essay on topic of your choice OR
  • One Page, Original Poem or Lyrics to a Song OR
  • A 2 Minute Video Selfie Artistic Performance of your choice
 indigenous science, aka traditional ecological knowledge, is the leading study to reverse the negative situation we are in. Intertribal pictured here onthe La Jolla reservation field study in ethnoBotany, geology,  Hydrology and environmental protection in the "native like water" curriculum

indigenous science, aka traditional ecological knowledge, is the leading study to reverse the negative situation we are in. Intertribal pictured here onthe La Jolla reservation field study in ethnoBotany, geology,  Hydrology and environmental protection in the "native like water" curriculum

2017 Inaugural Scholarship Recipient were chosen by Nahko Bear and InterTribal Youth Founder, Marc Chavez.

Reports on Recipient and participation as cultural scholar will be posted to our social medias.  

Meet the 2017 Nahko Scholarships Recipients Here, click

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